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Fine and Practical Arts

Message from Mrs. Melissa Abramo

Department Chair

The Fine & Practical Arts Department includes Visual Arts, Music, Family &
Consumer Sciences (FACS), and Technology. Aligned with our District Mission
and Common Core Literacy, our curricula emphasize critical and creative
thinking and problem solving. Whether composing music, creating a piece of
art, developing a personal nutrition plan or designing an engine, students
in our classes apply new knowledge to interactive projects, understanding
how content-specific information is used in real world contexts. Our focus
on the creative process encourages students to reflect, revise and refine
their work.

Our department offers students a wide variety of courses and experiences in
visual art, music, FACS and technology to both middle and high school
students as well as several extra-curricular opportunities. Our student
work is showcased throughout the year at various events and performances,
as well as the Showcase of Excellence held each Spring.

For more information regarding the Fine & Practical Arts Department please
contact Dr. Melissa Abramo at

Chase University River Central School District