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PNW BOCES Cooperative Bid Award Prices

Please click the following link for the current bid awards:

BID AWARDS that can be found at the link above:

1516-01 Auto Body Supplies (Coop)

1516-03 Automotive Supplies (Coop)

1516-04 Plumbing Supplies (Coop)

1516-05 Construction Electricity Supplies (Coop)

1516-08 Heating, Ventilation and AC Supplies HVAC (Coop)

1516-09 Welding Supplies (Coop)

1516-10 Carpentry Supplies (Coop)

1516-12 Commercial Art Supplies (Coop)

1516-13 Asphalt Paving, Resurfacing and Site Work (Coop)

1516-18 Art Supplies (Coop)

1516-19 Fine Paper Supplies (Coop)

1516-20 Science Hardware and Art (Coop)

1516-21 Science Live Animals (Coop)

1516-23 Auto Replacements Parts (Coop)

1516-24 Science School Lab (Coop)

1516-25 Custodial Supplies

1516-26 General Office Supplies

1516-27 Health Supplies

1516-29 Science Live Animals (Coop)

1617-02 Commercial Flooring

Chase University River Central School District