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Health Services

Good health maintenance and health counseling are available to all students and their families. A physical examination for all youngsters entering grades K, 2, 4, 7, and 10 is required. Screening procedures are conducted for hearing, vision problems and for scoliosis. If you need more information or have a health-related problem, please call the Health Office at your child’s school for assistance.


Communicable disease control is a primary responsibility of school and public health authorities. We know that vaccine-preventable diseases occur almost exclusively among unimmunized or inadequately immunized children; therefore, mandatory immunization is an extremely important aspect of a comprehensive communicable disease control program. Enforcement of Public Health Law, Section #2164, should be a prime concern of parents, as well as school officials.

The intent of the law is to protect children against the vaccine-preventable disease and does NOT permit an unimmunized child to attend school unless exempt for medical or religious reasons. The school nurses are very helpful to parents seeking information regarding immunization. Proof of immunization must be on file in the health office before a child may enter school.

Sports Physical

Sports Physical


Before a student may participate in North Salem’s extracurricular athletic program in any way (e.g., try out for a team or practice with a team), s/he must have a sports physical, which has been reviewed by the school physician.  This physical must be done each year and it qualifies as valid sports physical for a full calendar year.  A student may have a sports physical with his or her personal physician or with the school physician.  Either way the physical must be completed on the board-approved physical form.  Additionally, prior to every sport season, every athlete must have an Interval Health History filled out by their parents no more than 30 days prior to the start of tryouts.


Before each new sports season, announcements are made that sign-ups for the next season have begun.  Students sign up to play a sport with Ms Laura Chamberlain in Room W34.When the student signs up, indicating that s/he intends to play a sport, information will be sent home to the parents on the status of their students sports physical.  If a parent chooses to have the school physician complete the physical, the parent must call Ms Chamberlain to schedule a sports physical.  Please understand that it is the parent’s responsibility to see that the student receives the appropriate physical, either by scheduling the exam with the student’s personal physician or by calling Ms. Chamberlain to make an appointment with the school physician


Sports Physicals:  If the deadline for required paperwork is not met for a particular sports season, athletes will not try out or join a team for that season.

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