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Staff Directory

North Salem PQ Elementary School

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*Assistant Principal
Stephanie Bell  
Mary K. Johnson  
(ext. 3041)
1. Kindergarten
Jane Burdett  
(ext. 3157)
Rebecca Donofrio  
(ext. 3117)
Victoria Lodewick  
(ext. 3109)
Donna Ulrich  
(ext. 3121)
2. First Grade
Jessica Farney  
(ext. 3151)
Cynthia Fox  
(ext. 3155)
Lauren Hussey  
(ext. 3120)
Marcia Rudolf  
(ext. 3150)
Lisa Siegel  
(Special Ed)
3. Second Grade
Susan Burch  
((ext 3132))
Kristal Castellano  
(Special Ed)
Anna Frates  
(ext. 3138 )
Beth Savarese
(ext. 3137)
Peg Smith  
(Special Ed)
4. Third Grade
Patrice Farney  
(Special Ed)
Michele Grossman  
(ext. 3115)
Jennifer Healey
(ext. 3119)
Marissa LeFave  
(Third Grade)
Diane Outhouse  
(ext. 3154)
Jennifer Stillson  
(Third Grade)
5. Fourth Grade
Jeanne Dobbs  
(ext. 3131)
Nicky Federici  
(4th Gr)
Christina Hundzynski  
(ext. 3110)
Jenine Kugel  
(Special Ed)
Cheryl Pandolfi  
(ext. 3114)
6. Fifth Grade
Pat Miller  
(Special Ed)
Deborah Oswald  
(ext. 3185)
Virginia Tait  
(ext. 3159)
Dan Tavino  
Tara Carl  
(ext. 3107)
Jayne Silverblade  
(ext. 3102)
Jeanie Lee
Clerical Staff
Valerie Baumler  
(ext. 3041)
Jean Jerussi  
(ext. 3056)
English as a Second Language
Ginny Malara  
Michelle Sands  
(ext. 3130)
Library Media Specialist
Natalie Koehler  
((ext 3044))
Donna De Meo  
(ext. 3043)
Danielle Zaetz  
(ext 3043)
Occupational Therapy
Elyssa Yablow
Physical Education
Robert Gilchrist  
(ext. 3147)
Matt Mackenzie  
John Veteri  
(ext. 3005)
Physical Therapy
Rhonda Riotto
Don Merriman  
(ext. 3077)
Remedial Mathematics
Mimma Bartholdi  
(ext. 3113)
Remedial Reading
Amy Hester  
(ext. 3160)
Elizabeth Maier  
(ext. 3161)
Jennifer Martz  
(ext. 3191)
Social Worker
Chris Latterner  
(ext. 3076)
Special Education
Kristal Castellano  
(ext. 3008)
Patrice Farney  
(Special Ed)
Jenine Kugel  
(Special Ed)
Cathy McGregor  
(ext. 3124)
Pat Miller  
(Special Ed)
Karen O'Brien  
(Special Ed)
Lisa Siegel  
(Special Ed)
Peg Smith  
(ext. 3136)
Speech & Language
Anna Berardo  
Michelle Messemer  
(ext. 3133)
Technology Support
Lynda Vincent  
(ext. 2158 (Parent, Student Portals, Data Specialist))
Vocal Music
Elleen Nicita  
(ext. 3123)
Vocal/Instrumental Music
Sheri Dee  
(ext. 3144)
Chase University River Central School District