Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tara Carl and Mrs. Jayne Silverblade


Kindergarten:  The Kindergarten students are are exploring the different types of lines and where we see them in our environment.  With all the different lines that we have found we are now using them to create different works of art using just lines.

1st Grade:  The First grade students learned about the artist Klimt and how he used patterns in his works of art.  Then the students create their own self portrait of themselves as if they were sleeping under a cozy patterned  blanket.

2nd Grade:  We began the year doing observational drawing of leaves while learning about warm and cool colors and how they affect art. The second grade students learned how to build their own clay coil pot using coils and slabs.  While they are drying out getting ready for the kiln they have moved onto their second project learning how to create a painting/ printmaking work of art that is inspired by the overlapping rhythms and instruments in John Coltrane’s jazz music.

3rd Grade:  The students looked at the art of Mexican Mirrors that can be found in a Mexican marketplace. They then used what they have learned through observation to create their own. Students used patterns  and radial symmetry to create their work! Students will be moving on shortly to a winter landscape painting!

4th Grade:  The students observed the abstract work of Wassily Kandinsky and made note of his use of line, shape, variety and repetition.  4th graders then planned out an abstract sculpture that they are now finishing up! While their sculptures are drying, we will study value through a PQ favorite…scratch art animals!

5th grade students began the year by learning about some more advanced lines such as constructive and expressive lines. The students chose an object to draw and place in an interesting composition on their paper. They divided and filled the object with a variety of zentangle lines focusing on contrast…both in value and in type of line. The background of their zentangle drawing will be a monochromatic painting.