Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Don Merriman and Dr. Jake Ross

As the PQ school psychologists, we provide our students with social, emotional, and academic support through individual and group counseling, teacher and parent training, as well as acting as liaisons between the school and outside mental health community resources. Part of our role is to take part in a multidisciplinary team that determines the extent a student's social and emotional functioning impacts their success in school. We also conduct comprehensive psychological evaluations in order to determine eligibility for special education services and create accommodation plans. One of our biggest roles is helping students navigate the difficult unstructured times of their day such as lunch, recess, and morning arrival. Through various evidence-based approaches, we monitor and improve students’ academic and behavioral progress through classwide, group, and individualized interventions. Our goal is to help students manage social, emotional, and behavioral obstacles that may prevent them from being successful.