• Students in this program are expected to take an active role in their science education
    through the formation of questions and observations. The students will be given the
    tools needed to form and to answer their questions successfully through laboratory
    experiments, along with exploration of literature and electronic media, including the

    The Core Content of sixth grade science includes the study of introductory physics and
    chemistry with the common theme of energy. Problem-solving skills are developed as
    students investigate information and concepts, solve simple equations, and use ratio
    and proportion techniques. Each topic of study is reinforced with a variety of hands-on
    activities and class projects. Students will often design and conduct their own
    experiments and evaluate their work to redesign, retest, and re-evaluate their product
    and conclusions. Communication of results and ideas to others through lab reports, or
    class discussions and public presentations helps create individuals who are more
    scientifically literate.

    Whether the activities are student-designed or teacher-designed, students will apply
    and develop their scientific knowledge and skills as they learn science by doing science.