• Grade 6 ELA is an integrated language arts program utilizing a variety of literature to
    develop an understanding of plot, setting, conflict, characters, theme and meanings
    beyond the literal level. There is emphasis on critical stance writing prompts in which
    students develop analytical skills, application of different critical and creative thinking
    strategies (brainstorming, free writing and Semantic Mapping) in developing
    organization in writing stories, paragraphs, book reviews and essays, and opportunities
    for a variety of writing activities including responses to literature, journal entries of
    personal reactions to an experience or event, in-class "writing to a prompt," persuasive
    and descriptive paragraphs, summaries and reports.

    Instructional practices are guided by Common Core Standards for reading, writing and
    speaking and may include Interdisciplinary units in both the language arts and social
    studies curriculum including literature, oral reports, and written assignments in which
    students share their writing in group discussions, working both with partners and in
    small cooperative groups.

    State Assessment: Grade 6 New York State ELA Assessment.