The loan of textbooks from the North Salem Central School District to our registered district residents attending non-public schools is governed by the regulations of the New York State Textbook Loan Program  (NYSTL), Education Law §701, and the North Salem Board of Education Policy No. 1740-R (Relations with Non Public Schools Loan Program). The administrative guidelines for the NYSTL program are contained and incorporated by reference in The Handbook on Services to Pupils Attending Non-Public Schools published by the New York State Education Department.

    ELIGIBLE MATERIALS - include textbooks and textbook substitutes, which may be hard covered or paperback books. newspapers or student manuals.which a pupil is required to use as a primary source of study material in a structured instructional environment (classroom). Materials must be used for secular classroom instructional and educational purposes only. Publications published by any religious denominations, religious organization or group that promote religious or ideological beliefs, even on a general level are disallowed.

    MATERIALS NOT ALLOWED - include general supplies, equipment, furniture, toys and games, ancillary materials, reference materials such as encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases and general or special dictionaries, teacher's editions, review books, duplicating masters and materials in kit form, supplementary textbooks, novels, fiction, magazines, newspapers, except as provided above and audiovisual materials normally housed in the school library or instructional materials for short-term use by pupils; tests and testing materials, internet online services.

    SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY - Materials loaned to registered resident non-public school pupils remain the property of the North Salem Central School District. Textbooks and literature books must not be written in. If lost, defaced, damaged or destroyed, the textbooks shall be paid for in the same fashion as the students attending North Salem Schools. Parents will be responsible for reimbursing the District for the cost of the replacement materials.

    RESIDENCY AND REGISTRATION - Students attending non-public schools must maintain residency in the North Salem Central School District in order to be eligible for the textbook loan program. The District's Registrar should be contacted for registration requirements and documentation of residency. The Registrar for grades 1 - 12, Ms. Sharon Verdejo, can be reached at 914-669-5414 xt 1061, or by email at: sverdejo@northsalemschools.org. The Registrar for kindergarten, Jean Jerussi, can be reached at 914-669-5414 xt 3056, or by email at: jjerussi@northsalemschools.org.

    REQUESTING MATERIALS - NYSTL requires that parents submit written request for the loan of textbooks. Written requests should be made by June 1 of the year preceding the new school year. The request can be directed to Ms. Kimber-Lee Maston by email at: kmaston@northsalemschools.org, by mail at addressed to Kimber-Lee Maston, North Salem Central School District, 230 June Road, North Salem, NY 10560. 


    PRIVATE SCHOOL TEXTBOOK REQUISTION (to be completed by non-public school and submitted with certification/student list)

    PRIVATE SCHOOL CERTIFICATION/STUDENT LIST (to be completed by non-public school and submitted with textbook requisition)