• FOIL (Public Access to Records Form)


    The Freedom of Information Law reaffirms the public’s right to know how government operates.  It allows any interested person to inspect and copy certain records kept in any state or municipal agency.  A record means “any information kept, held, field, produced or reproduced by, with or for an agency of the state legislature, in any physical form whatsoever including, but not limited to reports, statements, examinations, memoranda, folders, files, books, manuals, pamphlets, forms, papers, designs, drawings, maps, photo’s, letters, microfilms, computer tapes or discs, rules, regulations or codes”.  The law does not require that records be created or compiled in order to comply with a request.


    Please send an email to the North Salem Records Access Officer, Barbara Briganti at bbriganti@northsalemschools.org. with your request.