• Upon completing their elementary education at Pequenakonck, this profile outlines the outcomes we strive to develop in all our students:

    Profile of a North Salem 5th Grader as a Problem Solver

    North Salem fifth graders are continuously improving learners who question, define and solve problems through critical and creative thinking.  The fifth grade student aspires to be a ...

    Critical Thnker

    • Uses a variety of creative thinking strategies to come up with ideas to solve problems
    • Uses critical thinking strategies to analyze, summarize, synthesize, validate and evaluate ideas
    • Uses both creative and critical thinking skills to develop plans for evaluating and solving problems efficiently
    • Demonstrates curiosity, flexibility, and openness to exploring new ideas.


    • Works within a group to promote learning, increase productivity and achieve common goals
    • Listens to ideas and opinions of others and shows a willingness to change his/her  opinions in the face of compelling evidence
    • Willing to ask for and receive help from teachers and peers
    • Fulfills roles and responsibilities within group work with little prompting or coaching
    • Consistently produces and encourages high-quality individual and group work


    • Listens with purpose, enhancing learning with comments and questions
    • Demonstrates effective writing skills including conventions, subject, purpose and audience
    • Explains thinking in oral, written, and pictorial formats
    • Justifies claims or opinions citing relevant sources
    • Uses effective public speaking strategies to present projects and ideas both individually and as part of a group
    • Uses a variety of media to present concepts and expresses emotions for a variety of audiences


    • Displays kind, empathic, respectful, responsible, honest and safe behavior towards self and others
    • Demonstrates intentional kindness towards others and appreciates differences
    • Makes intentional choices that demonstrates concern for a sustainable environment
    • Exhibits digital citizenship
    • Acts as a role model for other students
    • Engages in healthy and positive practices and relationships


    • Masters concepts, process and skills in and among the disciplines of English, math, social studies, physical fitness and the arts to improve self and others
    • Utilizes self-reflective skills needed to describe, explain and evaluate thinking in order to set and carry out goals to improve learning and problem solving
    • Seeks help and enrichment opportunities to improve learning
    • Demonstrates increased responsibility for time management, transitions, completing assignments
    • Accepts and applies constructive criticism to improve quality of work
    • Exercises Habits of Mind to support continuous learning to meet personal and academic goals
    • Uses digital resources to advance learning