• North Salem Central School District Superintendent Recommends Changing School Start Times

    If you have questions or comments on the proposed school schedules, please email BOE@northsalemschools.org

    [9/20/23] The North Salem Central School District is moving forward with a plan to change school start times for the 2025-2026 school year. Superintendent Duncan Wilson has recommended a two-year implementation timeline to allow for a realistic lead time to order necessary equipment, spread the cost and financial risks over two budgets, and provide the new administrative team more time to connect these changes into other emerging priorities for the district and to address other concerns uncovered through the work of the Start Time Committee.

    Wilson based his recommendation on the findings of a two-year committee that studied the issue of school start times. The committee reviewed research findings that connect a later start time to improved mental health and academic performance, a reduction of sports-related injuries and traffic accidents.

    Wilson also acknowledged the concerns about changing school start times, such as the impact on busing costs, after-school staffing, and childcare. However, he believes that these concerns can be addressed and improved during the planning and implementation of the changes.

    The next steps in the process are for the administrative team to develop a two-year implementation timeline and share it with the board and the public by mid-October. The team will also regularly update the community about the project’s progress during the budget process.

    Wilson's recommendation is a positive step towards ensuring North Salem students get the sleep they need to succeed.