• Family and Consumer Science (Home and Career Skills)

    Home and Career Skills is a required program of study for all New York students in grades six through eight. It supports the educational needs of students who, in the future, will be required to successfully balance the responsibilities of home, family, and career by using content and process skills for practical problem solving.

    Grade 6 Curriculum Modules (ten week course)

    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Kitchen and Safety Sanitation
    • Basic Food Preparation
    • Basic Clothing Construction

    Grade 7 Curriculum Modules (ten week course)

    • Process Skills- Decision making, Problem Solving, Management 
    • Personal Environment Managment 
    • Nutrition and Wellness

    Grade 8 Curriculum Modules (ten week course)

    • Family Dynamics 
    • Child Development
    • Communication Skills and Conflict Management 
    • Consumerism
    • Introduction To Work 
    • Job Acquisition Skills
    • Career Planning 

    Assessment: Written and Laboratory performance tests and projects