• Advanced Placement (in 2-D) Studio Art

    *Prerequisite: Media Art I, II & III or Studio in Art, Drawing and Painting I & II or Digital Photography I & II

    The Advanced Placement program in Studio Art is intended for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art. AP work involves significantly more commitment and accomplishment than the typical high school art course and is not for the casually interested. AP Studio Art does not culminate with an 'exam.' The development of a student's portfolio over time is the measure of success. Students will need to work outside of the classroom and beyond scheduled periods, including assignments given over the summer. The AP exam consists of a portfolio of 15 highly accomplished artworks that demonstrate Sustained Investigation through practice, experimentation and revision, and a synthesis of materials, processes and ideas. Students must submit written statements to accompany the work. Additionally, for the Selected Works section of the portfolio, students submit 5 works that demonstrate 2D Art & Design or Drawing skills and a synthesis of materials, processes and ideas. All students are expected to submit a portfolio to the College Board. The AP exam fee must be assumed by the student. Please refer to the AP Exam Fee Schedule for more information.