• Science (Grades 9-12)

    Science is offered in a co-teaching setting or a small-class setting as assigned by the Committee on Special Education. Students in a co-teaching program participate in all Regents-level general education lessons, labs and testing, but are assisted by two teachers in the setting and offered the necessary accommodations and modifications to comply with their IEPs. Students in the special education settings are provided remediation, as well as parallel instruction, while being offered the accommodations and modifications to comply with their IEP. The Living Environment curriculum requires students to successfully complete 1200 minutes of laboratory experience with satisfactory written reports for each laboratory investigation. It is expected that laboratory experiences will provide the opportunity for students to develop scientific inquiry techniques, the use of information systems, the interconnectedness of content and skills and problem-solving approaches set out in the standards. The Living Environment course ends with a Regents examination. Note: Earth Science is no longer offered at the high school level; it is taken during eighth grade.