• Identification and Services: Grades 3-8

    Students will be identified for participation based upon high levels of performance on indicators such as:

    • school ability index scores (130 and above)
    • norm-referenced assessments (95th percentile and above using local norms)
    • teacher recommendation based on classroom performance (evidence of creativity and motivation) as measured by norm-referenced rating scales based on current theories of giftedness and federal and state guidelines regarding the definition of gifted and talented students
    • content specific pre- or post-test (90% mastery of curriculum objectives)

    Identified students must demonstrate the ability to compact out of the grade level curriculum.  Curriculum compacting is a differentiation strategy that assesses a student’s mastery of grade level objectives to be taught in their absence.


    Identification will occur throughout the year, prior to the start of each specific program offering.  Due to this, group size and composition will change throughout the year. Parents will be notified if their child has been identified for participation prior to the beginning of each new group. Identification of one activity does not signify automatic inclusion in other offerings.