Counseling Department

  • North Salem MS/HS Counseling Department
    CEEB CODE: 334-645

    The North Salem Counseling Department uses a multi‐faceted approach that helps foster the intellectual, social, emotional, and career development of all students. Counselors support the school’s mission by engaging student in activities that promote the use of creative and critical thinking skills to make decisions and solve problems in order to reach their full potential.

    Starting in 6th grade, students are assigned a counselor who remains with them through 7th grade. In 8th grade, they are assigned to a transition counselor who sees them through the end of middle school and the beginning of high school. In 10th grade, students are assigned to a high school counselor who works with them through the remainder of their high school years. Counselors work closely with one another to provide programs that allow for continuity and growth from grades 6 – 12. School counselors work closely with teachers and parents, using a team approach to meet the needs of our students.


    North Salem Counseling Plan - Grades K-12 - GPS for Student Success


    School Counselors:
    Beth Loughran - Chairperson
    Counselor Grades 10-12 x2024

    John Davis
    Counselor Grades 10-12 x2032 

    Melissa Smith
    Counselor Grades 8-9 x2023

    Jennifer Galligan
    Counselor Grades 6-7 x2036

    School Psychologists:
    Katia Castelli 
    Grades 10-12 x2020

    Nancy Diaz
    Grades 6-9 x2040


    Support Staff:
    Jane Lash x2021

    Sharon Verdejo x1061