• North Salem High School On Campus Student Parking
    North Salem School District views driving on campus and driving in general very seriously.  In conjunction with the North Salem District Safety Committee the North Salem School District developed the student parking program as described below. 

    Driving a personal vehicle and parking on school grounds during the school day is a senior privilege. There are a limited number of spots available for students and they are reserved for seniors first. Only seniors may paint their parking spot to personalize it.  


  • How can I earn the privilege to park on campus?

    1. Must have a valid NYS Driver’s license

    2. Fill out appropriate paperwork obtained in main office

    3. Have earned a total of 50 safe driving education points as a minimum requirement to be considered for a spot

    4. Seniors will be given priority spots first. 


    Painting Parking Spots

    Seniors parking spots should be painted with Krylon Marking Paint (can be found at Home Depot or Lowes).  If the spot has a picture from the previous year students may need to cover it up with black or grey paint first. Please do not use Latex paint. Latex paint wears off faster and when it rains latex paint gets very slippery. Student paintings must be in good taste and not reflective of hate symbols, vulgar language, or otherwise offensive images. Students are required to submit a copy of their design to the main office for approval before painting.