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    Denise M. Kiernan, CAA
    Director of K-12 Physical Education, Health and Athletics
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    Please fill out the self-reporting form for athletics daily when participating in athletic practices and/or contests.  This form must be handed in to the coach when arriving at practice.   Athletes will not be able to participate if the form is not handed in.



    Parents - Please fill out the PARENT COVID Self-Reporting Form for attendance at Home Athletic Contests.  This form must be handed in to the chaperone when arriving at the venue.   Parents will not be permitted to attend the contest if the form is not handed in.

    Parent COVID Self-Reporting Form for Athletics


    Athletic Information for Fall 2020 - Update #5 (October 9th)

    Dear Tiger Families,                                                                                                                              

    The purpose of this letter is to provide you with follow up information regarding the Fall 2020 Interscholastic Athletics Season grades 9-12 as we progress into athletic contests next week. On behalf of the Athletic Department and the Coaching staff, we look forward to sharing your child’s experience as we learn more about COVID-19 and the challenges that we are presented with on a daily basis regarding athletics.

    On October 6th, Section One approved a spectator protocol for the Fall Season 1 for Varsity and JV Sports. See attached press release from Section One.

     In accordance with the NYSDOH Sport and Recreation guidance and the NYSPHSAA Return to Interscholastic Athletics document:

    • As per the Executive Committee, two spectators per home athlete will be permitted.
    • Spectators must follow all DOH guidelines regarding face coverings and social distancing. School districts may elect to be more restrictive.
    • Schools are encouraged to offer optional health screenings for spectators.
    • Districts may encourage spectators to provide contact information for tracing purposes.

    ***If deemed necessary, school district may choose to be more restrictive and place additional limitations on the number of spectators at their athletic events. In addition, a host district has the ability to restrict any spectator from being in attendance who does not comply with the guidelines set forth by the NYSDOH, NYSPHSAA, the local health department and/or host district.

    The North Salem Central School District will follow these guidelines and procedures for home events that are scheduled through Section One of the NYSPHSAA:

    • Two spectators only per student athlete are permitted. Passes will be distributed during athletic practices in the upcoming week to the student athletes for each team that include the sport and the last name of the North Salem families. Please wear the ID to contest that you will be attending each day. A chaperone will be there to check you in where they will ask you to present us your ID.


    • All social distancing protocols must be followed at all home contests: Face Masks (No gators/handkerchiefs), and a 6-foot physical distance between individuals must be kept at all times. Masks breaks are permitted, provided you are not speaking and 12 feet physical distance from others.


    • Social distancing markings will be placed on bleachers and on the ground at each athletic complex. We ask that you use these markings to ensure for the proper procedures for social distancing.


    • The North Salem Police Department will be present at our home contests to ensure for the health and safety of our student athletes and families. All visiting fans will be asked to leave the premises. Visiting spectators are not permitted at any Section One scheduled athletic contest.


    • The entrance for home spectators for Boys Varsity Soccer, Cross Country and Field Hockey will be at the bus (ramp) entrance on June Road. The Tompkins entrance will be closed after 3:00pm. Parking at the top of Tompkins field is not permitted. Parking on the side and back of the building is permitted. Parking on the blacktop area behind the HS gymnasium is not permitted.


    • The entrance for home spectators for Girls Varsity and JV soccer at Volunteer’s park will be the same, however when you arrive to the facility you must present your ID to the chaperone.


    • The entrance for home spectators for JV Boys Soccer at PQ Elementary is the same.


    • The entrance for home spectators for Varsity Girls tennis at the Hardscrabble Club is the same.

    We continue to plan and align our procedures with the current guidance from the New York State Education Department, the CDC and the Department of Health as well as the NYSPHSAA Return to Play Guidelines.

    We continue to focus on providing our student athletes the best educational opportunities available. Our community plays a role in sustaining a fall season athletic program. Please continue to follow current practices to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

    • Wear a mask
    • Practice social distancing
    • Wash your hands

    We will share new information when it becomes available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:

    (914-669-5414 x 2101) or dkiernan@northsalemschools.org

    As always, thank you for your support of our athletic program and our entire school community.

    Stay healthy, stay safe, stay TIGER strong!


    Denise M. Kiernan, CAA
    Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

    Section One Press Release



    Fall Season 1 Athletic Open House 2020 COVID-19 - Please see link below for presentation

    Fall Season 1 Athletic Open House Presentation


    Athletic Information for Fall 2020 - Update #4 (September 14th)

    Update #4 Letter


    Athletic Information for Fall 2020 - Update #3 (September 3rd)

    Update #3 Letter


    Press Release:

    Section One Press Release


    Athletic Information for Fall 2020 - Update #2 (August 20th)

    Update #2 Letter


    Athletic Information for Fall 2020 - Update #1 (July 16th)

    Fall 2020 Parent Letter

    NYSPHSAA Press Release


    Fall Sports - Family ID Registration will open on Saturday, September 5th for the following Varsity and JV Sports Only - Cross Country, Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis.  Girls Swim registration is not open at this time.  Volleyball will now take place during Fall Sports Season II which begins on Monday, March 1st (more information to follow).
    Parents interested in enrolling their student(s) for a fall sport must complete the Family ID registration accessed via the link below. Please ensure you receive a confirmation e-mail which notes you correctly registered, without this email response, you have not registered your child accurately. For assistance please call our school nurse, Rita Driscoll at x2017.

    Family ID Fall Sign Up Registration


    2020-2021 Athletic Start Dates: 

    Fall 2020:
    Varsity and JV Sports Begin (Cross Country, Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis only): Tuesday, September 29th 

    Varsity and JV Athletic Open House: TBD

    Modified Sports Begin: TBD

    Modified Athletic Open House: TBD


    Winter 2020-2021:
    Varsity and JV Sports Begin: Monday, November 30th 

    Varsity and JV Athletic Open House: TBD

    Modified Sports Begin: Monday, November 30th

    Modified Athletic Open House: TBD


    Fall Sports Season II: Varsity, JV and Modified Volleyball
    Varsity and JV Sports Begin: Monday, March 1st  

    Varsity and JV Athletic Open House: TBD


    Spring 2021:
    Varsity and JV Sports Begin: Monday, April 19th 

    Varsity and JV Athletic Open House: TBD

    Modified Sports Begin: Monday, April 19th

    Modified Athletic Open House: TBD

    Key Dates:

    Booster Club Basketball Tounament: Thursday, January 7th-Saturday, January 9th 

    Salem Fest: Saturday, May 8th

    Senior Varsity Athletic Awards: Tuesday, June 1st



Upcoming Athletic Events