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Mission Monday: Rainbow Rocks of Kindness

Welcome to Mission Monday, a series of posts highlighting the ways in which North Salem students embrace the district mission of engaging in continual improvement, including questioning, defining and solving problems through critical and creative thinking.

The faculty, staff and students of Pequenakonck Elementary School were “rockin’ ‘n rollin’” on Nov. 6 as part of a World Kindness Day celebration.

Everyone decorated a rainbow rock of kindness for the ONE CUB/ONE YOU Literacy and Sensory Garden. Students and adults selected their favorite color rock and used Sharpies to write kind words and decorations. Once the rocks were finished, each participant signed two huge thank-you notes – one to Hardscrabble Supply for its generous gravel donation for the garden and the other to the McGrath family, who supplied many of the rocks used for decorating.

The World Kindness Day activity served as a bonding experience and a time to enjoy each other’s company. PQ’s family was filled with smiles and the knowledge that it helped spread the message of kindness and the celebration of each person’s individuality!

This special day was the culmination of many months of rock collecting by PQ personnel and families. Paraprofessionals Lisa Finer and Britt Togonon, co-founders of the ONE CUB program, collected, prepared and painted the rocks with the help of Ida Valvano and Eileen Diehl. The school also thanks Tara Carl, who generously loaned her Sharpie and paint pen collection for the day.

 Coming up, the rocks will be finished with sealant to protect them before they are placed in the garden beds at the entrance to PQ to share their special messages of kindness with all who visit!