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PQ students visit Salem Hills

Please see the wonderful letter our PQ staff and students received from Salem Hills.  Our students learn about displaying kind, empathetic, respectful, responsible, honest and safe behavior towards self and others and demonstrating intentional kindness beginning in kindergarten.



Hello Britt and friends at Pequenakonck,


As the year comes to close I want to extend my great thanks once again to all of you at Pequenakonck. This has been my third year working alongside you and the group and I wanted to express, on behalf of Salem Hills, our sincere gratitude for all of the support you have provided to our residents. Together we have fostered many wonderful relationships and coordinated special events that have improved the quality of life for all here at Salem. We are looking forward to delivering the gifts to all of our residents on Christmas Day. These gifts that you and your team with help from all of the families of our beloved students, have worked effortlessly throughout the year to raise money for.

It is a blessing to have this connection and we are forever grateful.

Have a happy and health New year!



Chris and all our your friends at Salem Hills


Christine E. Bockis, ADC

Director of Recreation & Volunteers

Salem Hills Rehabilitation & Heathcare