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Debating World Issues at Yale

The North Salem Model United Nations Club recently wrapped up its annual trip to Yale University to participate in a mock Model UN conference. The four-day event in January included 25 North Salem students as part of the 2,000 global participants who served as delegates for various countries.

Each delegate represented his or her nation in dozens of various committees for a series of working sessions, participating in diplomatic discussions on world issues. The delegates covered issues including the Syrian refugee crisis, mental health, child marriage, violence against women, Brexit and denuclearization.

 “In doing so, we learned to navigate unchartered territories, negotiate and team up with other delegates, adopt new perspectives and eventually develop comprehensive resolutions on pressing global issues,” said student delegate Gabby Pelosi.

In between committee sessions, the North Salem contingent also had the opportunity to participate in campus tours and various educational seminars on the Yale campus, along with club adviser Mrs. Jennifer Longobardi. 

Delegate Matt Buchanan, who represented Guinea in the African Union Committee, recalled, “I was in a smaller committee and I really enjoyed it. I got to voice my opinion on behalf of my country. On top of learning what’s going on in our world, [I got] to make new friends.