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AP Environmental Science Students Showcase Their Green Thumbs

Juniors and seniors took on the roles of greenhouse owners in a long-term authentic data collection research experiment conducted in their AP Environmental Science classes.

The students, working in small groups, designed an experiment to test a factor/variable on three different types of plants, sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds, collecting data to see which grew the most in height and in biomass. They were challenged to find creative ways to increase productivity and grow the plants faster.

“We discovered that watering from the bottom seemed to increase plant growth and overall productivity the most,” AP Environmental Science teacher Sandy McDonough said.

After completing their experiment, students reflected on the real-world implications of being able to grow more food, improve farming practices, conserving water and utilizing more greenhouses for growing.

“The students did a great job and the discussions in class have demonstrated great critical and creative thinking skills,” McDonough said.