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A ‘Function’-al Scavenger Hunt

Algebra 2 students recently participated in an unconventional scavenger hunt. Using their knowledge of the transformations of parent functions, they were challenged to hunt for functions that were transformed during different rules.

“Each question provided a parent function f(x) and asked to apply one of the transformations to this parent function,” teacher Melissa Ruffler said. “The result is going to be a transformed function f(g).”

During the scavenger hunt, students walked around the classroom looking for the particular function, which gave them a deeper understanding of the meaning of the numbers in the notations.

“Students felt better after this activity, as they understood the concept better while working collaboratively,” said Ruffler, adding that the scavenger hunt allowed the students to be more actively involved with their learning, work on their Habits of Mind and listen to their peers with empathy.

“During this activity, I noticed more engaged thinkers and learners,” Ruffler noted.