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Students Take Over Social Media for Media Literacy

Coffe facts - social media not always factual Everyone knows you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Right?

If not, talk to the North Salem seventh-graders who have been learning how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to social media posts and internet websites. With Cynthia Sandler, the Middle/High School library media specialist, the students have been studying the effects of social media algorithms, baseless claims, advertisements, and other potentially manipulated media, and most importantly, learning how to critically evaluate these messages.

“It is crucial because social media affects our lives in so many ways. It can confuse people and spread misinformation,” said Leah Malvino.

The students created brief videos and infographics with their advice for recognizing and decoding the messaging behind social media posts. They then shared their posts on the district’s social media accounts to spread awareness of the importance of these critical skills.

Reflecting on how many people the class’s Instagram post has reached, Anya Ghosh said, “It feels great that people know about us and our work. We are students in school, and we're teaching adults across the internet about media literacy."

“We are helping our students develop critical mindsets to navigate today's media landscape,” said Sandler. “Participating in a social media takeover provides students the opportunity to create media for an authentic audience.”

To view the students’ work CLICK HERE