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First Day Smiles Shine Despite Rain

Three gorls by window writing on clipboardThe pouring rain couldn’t dampen the high spirits at Pequenakonck Elementary School on the first day of the school year. Principal Roy Martin and Assistant Principal Dawn Snowden opened car doors and greeted students as they stepped off the buses.

Two teachers in rain outside school welcoming studentsKindergarteners dug into playdough, while first-graders tossed each other a ball in a new morning meeting game. Second-graders discussed what it meant to be a school family, while third-graders colored in motivational signs to decorate their new classroom. Fourth and fifth-graders conducted scavenger hunts to independently explore their classroom and learn about their classmates. All over the building, students loaded new school supplies into desks and cubbies, learned about their classroom routines and expectations, and listened to their teachers read the first books of the year.

Before finishing their first half-day, kindergarten students drew self-portraits in crayons, the first in a monthly series that they’ll create.

Students in class at tables with 4 kids each“It’s a great activity for them to see their growth as artists through the year, explore a variety of mediums, and have the opportunity to draw realistic illustrations.” said Rebecca Donofrio, who creates a rotating art gallery with each month’s portraits. “At the end of the year, they will be able to look back at these first drawings and see their development.”

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