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Tigers Celebrate New Turf with a Win

Girls lacrosse team on new fturf fieldTiger fans roared from the bleachers, where parents and students cheered on the varsity girls' lacrosse team in the first game of the season and the inaugural game on the North Salem Middle/High School's new turf field. At the last whistle, the new scoreboard boasted the first win at Tiger Stadium, 14-2 North Salem.

"This project is over twenty years in the making, and I am excited to be a part of the efforts within the community to make this possible," said Athletic Director Denise Kiernan. "I am honored and privileged to experience the newly constructed Tiger Stadium with the North Salem community, families, student-athletes, and coaches." 

The space behind the high school has been dramatically transformed in the past year. Trees have been cleared, rocks have been blasted, and half the field was raised by 14 feet to literally level the playing field. A concrete perimeter contains additional dirt trucked in to create a smooth surface. The work crew laid down a shock-absorbing pad before rolling out turf, cutting in different colors where needed for lines and the North Salem logo, sewed the strips together, and dispersed pellet infill across the entire field. 

The high school lacrosse teams dug their cleats into the new turf, and in the fall, the field hockey and soccer teams will take their turn.

"Previously, the condition of the grass fields would force postponements of practices, scrimmages and games. Now the Athletic Department has more flexibility when scheduling with opposing schools,” said Kiernan. “The lighted turf field provides an opportunity to extend the field usage throughout the evening hours."

To increase the playable time, the stadium has field lights and a new drainage system directing rainwater into a lower retention pond. In addition, a building extension with new bathrooms blends into the high school gymnasium wing to assist with the game day crowds.

"It allows us to be more competitive with other schools. Now we can always practice in the conditions that we're going to play in," said junior lacrosse player Lily.

"Before, we were at a disadvantage because we had to adjust to different conditions when playing at other schools that have turf," said her senior teammate, Dana. "Now it's an equal playing field."