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Ready to Roar in Middle School: PQ Fifth-Graders Are Moving Up

Students walking the stage to accept their certificates of completionAmidst a crowd of joyful families, the fifth-grade students of Pequenakonck Elementary School walked the stage to accept their certificates of completion, marking the end of their elementary education and taking their first steps toward middle school.

“You embody all that North Salem is, small but mighty,” said Principal Roy Martin. “Trust in yourself and the skills you have acquired. Every adversity is an opportunity; an opportunity to grow, learn, evolve, get stronger and be better. Make a choice to view adversity as an opportunity.”

Martin thanked the board, faculty, staff, and families for supporting each student. “Today is about your successes and hard work throughout your educational career. Success is always a shared experience, and reflecting on those who helped you get here is important,” he said.

Fifth-grade student Dylan was one of the students selected to speak at the ceremony. While looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities of middle school, he advised, “Initially, it may look daunting, but we must always remember the lessons that we learned at PQ. We must keep our curiosity alive, continue learning and persist in pursuing our dreams.”

We proudly present the North Salem High School Class of 2030!