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Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony Honors Remarkable Achievements

 eighth graders at the moving up ceremonyIn a heartfelt and poignant eighth-grade moving-up ceremony, family and faculty applauded students as teachers read aloud the students' proudest accomplishments from the past year. Students highlighted their community service, sports and academic achievements, excelling at chess, language acquisition, attempting new activities, starring in the school play, participating in the police cadet program, and developing strong friendships. As the list of accomplishments grew, cheers and applause filled the auditorium.

The ceremony was filled with excitement, nostalgia, and bittersweetness as the graduating class reflected on their remarkable journey and looked ahead to their high school years.

"A small act of kindness to another is like a pebble thrown into a calm pond. It can have a positive ripple effect for many years," said Principal Vince DiGrandi, speaking about the importance of using emotional intelligence skills throughout their upcoming high school journey.

We proudly present the North Salem High School Class of 2027!