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PQ Tuesday Newsday August 13th

Tuesday Newsday August 13, 2019

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the new school year.  We hope you are continuing to enjoy your summer break.  It has been a busy summer at PQ and we look forward to welcoming you back! We hope you like the new layout of Tuesday Newsday.  It is so important that you read this newsletter each week as it will have relevant and timely information throughout the school year. 

Important Back to School Information

You should have received your Back to School mailing early this week which includes important information about the start of the school year.  We notified families earlier this summer about updating your information in the Parent Portal.  This information includes phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts.  This will need to be completed before you are able to access your child's teacher on the evening of August 16th.  We suggest you do this as soon as possible if you have not already done so.  Kindergarten parents and new families to PQ will need their child's ID number to log on to the Parent Portal.  This number is included in the summer mailing.  The directions for accessing the Parent Portal are in the letter or you can go to the following link for directions.    Parent Portal Directions Please contact the office (914-669-5317) if you have any questions.  

Kindergarten Update

We continue to watch our kindergarten enrollment number.  Because we are very close to meeting the threshold for a fourth section of kindergarten, we are holding kindergarten teacher assignments for a bit longer so that we do not have to change the original placements at the last minute. While this may be a little inconvenient, I think we would all agree that receiving this information once would be less confusing.  We appreciate your understanding and patience. We will keep you updated on this situation through Tuesday Newsday.  

If we add an additional kindergarten, first grade placements will also be impacted.   Mrs. Ulrich is currently a first grade teacher.  If we add a kindergarten, Mrs. Ulrich will return to kindergarten and Mrs. Sharon deLuca will be the first grade teacher.  We will notify you directly if this happens but thought it best to share this information with you in advance.

PQ and Summer Reading

With many weeks of summer left, we hope you will continue to encourage your children to read!  Be sure to have your child complete the summer reading bingo board and bring it to his/her teacher during the first few days of school.  Here is the link for those forms:  PQ Summer Reading Bingo Board 

PQ Pointers

PQ Pointers has been updated with current information about daily life at school.  It may help answer questions as the school year starts or be a quick reference throughout the school year.  We hope you find this tool useful and welcome comments or suggestions for future revisions. 


Upcoming Events 

September 3 - Afterschool Enrichment (ASE) Registration begins

September 4 - PQ Family Open House 3:00 - 5:00 pm

September 5 - School Opens

September 5 - PQ PTO Meeting 9:00 am

September 7 - Afterschool Enrichment (ASE) Registration closes

September 11 - PQ Curriculum Night Kindergarten 6:30 Welcome 6:45 Classroom

September 11 - PQ Curriculum Night Grade 1 7:30 Welcome 7:45 Classroom

September 12 - PQ Curriculum Night Grade 2 6:30 Welcome 6:45 Classroom

September 12 - PQ Curriculum Night Grade 3 7:30 Welcome 7:45 Classroom

September 13 - Kindergarten and New Family Social 5:00 pm

September 16 - First Full Day of Kindergarten 

September 19 - Grade 4/5 Band Meeting 6:00 pm

September 19 - PQ Curriculum Night Grade 4 6:30 Welcome 6:45 Classroom

September 19 -  PQ Curriculum Night Grade 5 7:30 Welcome 7:45 Classroom

September 30-October 1 - Schools Closed Religious Observance


School Links 

Welcome Back Family Letter 2019

PQ Pointers