North Salem School District Facilities Update

AUGUST 12, 2021



The construction schedule below identifies work and special projects ongoing in the North Salem School District.  Keep in mind that some of the major projects were well underway prior to June of this year and will continue past August.  You may use this link Progress Chart for Major Projects to access the progress chart which serves to designate the time assigned to each task and, where shaded, denotes completion.  Start dates are in parentheses below.


  • MS/HS Main Office - HVAC system will be repaired and upgraded, carpet removal, which triggered ancillary work such as asbestos abatement, door replacement and painting.  (June 28)
  • C54 HS Classroom - install emergency egress door. (AUGUST 16)
  • HS C entrance - removal of tree stump and underlying roots, asphalt walk and pouring cement sidewalk for safe access into building.  (July 12)
  • Main entrance and Senior parking lot - replace two storm drains.  (July 12)
  • MS/HS - upgrade security cameras including wire replacement, server and new cameras.  (May 15)
  • MS/HS Water Filtration - notice to bidders published and Pre Bid meeting including walk-through to explain scope of work and site review completed on July 12.  Bid date is Wednesday, July 28, 2021 and work is scheduled to start August 28, 2021.  (Pre June 28)
  • HS HVAC Units - begin to replace units which are beyond repair.  Currently engineering plans are in design to be submitted to NYSED.  (July 6)
  • PQ South Wing - restoration of six classrooms following mold remediation.  The latter consist of sheetrock replacement, painting, repair of wall organizers, replacing floor tile in one classroom and replacing sink cabinets and sinks.  Cost will be covered by our insurance carrier.  (May 22)
  • PQ sanitary line repair - this is an underground line in the hallway.  Related work includes asbestos abatement, removal and repouring of 100 sq ft. of cement slab and replacing floor tile.   JULY 26)
  • PQ, MS/HS summer cleaning on schedule to complete work prior to the end of August.  Critical this summer is the synchronization of our work with the projects assigned to outside contractors.  (June 28)
  • North Salem CSD Athletic Fields Improvement Project - Design Development Drawings (DDD) completed, review of design development and comments completed as well as a budget estimate.  Sub-Committee review on July 14, 2021.  The project documents will be submitted to NYSED on August 18, 2021.  (Pre June 28)
  • PQ Elementary School - upgrade the Building Automation System (BAS) controls throughout the entire building. ( May 19)
  • PQ Water Filtration - engineering design submitted to Westchester County Department of Health.  Waiting for approval followed by commencing with the bidding process.  (May 28)